We are a family kennel located in Normandy, more precisely in the Manche, between Mont-Saint-Michel and the landing beaches!

Our dogs of British origin are closely chosen to :

  • their character
  • their ability to work
  • their beauty

We prefer quality over quantity to ensure our dogs a good life and varied!

For us, the Golden Retriever is the perfect family dog, by his kindness, his intelligence.

His character is of prime importance to adapt easily, without fear for his family.


We encounter the beauty shows to promote our bitches.
We also participate in field-trials for the Golden Retriever is in the beginning, a hunting dog, It is appreciated to maintain their skills.
In addition, they love it.
Both activities allow us to establish many relationships with our dogs and meet some of our friends to share our passion.

Through our multiple drives, we have raised dogs, well in their head.
This allows us to take them everywhere: work, hotels, restaurants, travel abroad.


Our dogs are registered in the book of French Origins (LOF)
and certified free of genetic defects.
We practice all health tests to produce only quality puppies.
We provide a rich and varied environment for our puppies to acquire an excellent behavior.

We are members
Retriever Club de France (RCF): 11239
Golden Retriever Club: 7345
No breeder: 503857
Affix No.: 78224